Basic Information

A simple website containing links to information that you may find of interest, enjoy!

Alan Watt

All the information you could ever need

Godlike Productions

You have to read the disclaimer to really get the flavour of this forum.  Mostly nonsense but can be good for breaking news and the so-called GLP effect is 100% working!  godlike productions


Some very useful & insightful videos.  He can be a bit irritating though.  stefbot

Above top secret

Has a lot of interesting topics and is probably the most unbiased website in terms of views expressed.  above top secret


Funniest site on the web.  27b/6

Anti new world order

A little bit bizarre this one and includes a link to audio discussions with Glen Kealey.  Anti-new world order

Henry Makow

Often has interesting stuff but sometimes a little too christian.  Henry Makow

Sovereign Independent

Online newspaper with a lot of interesting information.  Sovereign Independent

International Men's Organisation

Wide range of articles and a very informative newsletter. IMO


Uses the g00gl$ search engine without the rubbish. Scroogle

Pity the Pithy

This is my own blog - created this before I realised I could make a blog here anyway!  Pity the Pithy

Prison Planet

Some questions have been asked about Alex Jones but as I first heard Alan Watt through Alex Jones' Fall of the Republic documentary I think it should be included.  prisonplanet


Jeff Rense website with links to his radio-show.  Absolute wealth of topics updated throughout the day.  Rense


The original freeman-on-the-land website.  Seems to have gone a little quiet recently.  fmotl

The Truthseeker

A very focused set of topics chosen here.  Truthseeker

Daily Mash

Also the funniest site on the web.  Daily Mash

The Antiterrorist

Thinking for yourself is the new black.  The Antiterrorist


Lots of videos & documentaries on all sorts - very good.  BBC 5

Vigilant Citizen

Very well researched articles.  Vigilant Citizen

UK Column

Excellent site exposing corruption & Common Purpose.  UK Column

Mary-Elizabeth: Croft

Freeman & commerce related information.  Mary-Elizabeth:Croft